About MobileMakersEdu

MobileMakersEdu is core to Uncharted Learning, an education company that brings *real* to the classroom.

Uncharted Learning is a 501(c)3, a not for profit organization. Our mission is to bring authentic, rigorous, and experiential education to all students. We offer programs that provide foundational experiences in both entrepreneurship and computer coding that prepare the next generation for the future by empowering them with real-world skills.

Let's Connect


Margarita Geleske

Executive Director

Margarita is chiefly responsible for driving Uncharted Learning’s growth with member schools and local communities as equal parts ambassador, evangelist, and seasoned collaborator. She has deep roots in developing innovative entrepreneurship programs and helped establish the first INCubatoredu course in 2013 at Barrington High School in Barrington, Illinois. As the former chairperson of the Barrington 220 Educational foundation, Margarita collaborated with INCubatoredu’s co-founders in a unique public/private partnership to prototype and launch the Barrington program. In her current role, Margarita spends much of her time helping school districts across America learn about the value of an entrepreneurship curriculum and how INCubatoredu can be adopted efficiently and effectively to help reinvent high school business curriculum. Margarita is a marketing and advertising veteran, with a former career at Leo Burnett Company. She has two degrees from Northwestern University – a Master of Science in Advertising from the Medill School and a Bachelor of Science in Communications.

Christy Scott

Executive Director

Christy directs all efforts that have helped establish and grow Uncharted Learning as a provider of innovative curriculum solutions. She leads key initiatives in product development, new member school integration, and communications. Christy brings a unique perspective from a combination of experience in coaching entrepreneurship, a passion for empowering students, and experience in developing successful new products and services. She helped to advance the INCubatoredu program at Barrington High School in Barrington, Illinois, where she was a subject matter expert and coach around ideation and market sizing. Prior to working at Uncharted Learning, Christy had a 15-year career in brand management – including experience in brand development, product innovation, and marketing research for consumer goods companies like Kraft and Nestle. She has an MBA from University of Wisconsin/Madison and a BBA from the University of Notre Dame.

Jessi Chartier

Director of Programs & Products

Jessi leads at the critical intersection of innovating transformational learning experiences and curriculum programs. Her professional background includes a blend of experience in education, innovation, and technology. As a former teacher and college instructor, she brings a unique passion to empowering students and grounding them in skills needed to succeed beyond school. Prior to Uncharted Learning, Jessi held senior leadership roles at MobileMakers Academy, Tribeca Flashpoint Media Arts Academy, and Argosy University. In her career, Jessi has helped to build curriculum and programs used by campuses across the nation – including competency-based graduate programs, online educational programs, and robust professional development programs. Additionally, in a blend of constructivist and cognitive apprenticeship education, Jessi has crafted a unique way for students to learn both content and SEL skills. Jessi has a Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Colorado at Denver.

Stacy Sniegowski

Director of Member Experience

Stacy is a former classroom teacher and administrator who is passionate about developing teachers using a combination of best practices and action research. Her expertise comes from work in experiential learning, instructional coaching, and the design of professional development programs. Stacy’s career includes more than twelve years in various roles including instructional coaching and leadership in Chicago public schools and the charter school system, with a primary focus on designing learning experiences for K-12 students and teachers. Stacy believes strongly in empowering teachers to be expert learners. Her efforts have directly impacted the work of more than 200 teachers and the learning of some 14,000 students. Stacy began her career in the Chicago Public School system as a high school math, science, engineering, and French teacher. Stacy has a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education from Purdue University and is working towards a Masters in Science in Education at Chicago’s Loyola University.