Mobile Makers: Seizing New Opportunities in Educational Programs

April 26, 2016

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Over the past two years, Mobile Makers Academy designed iOS developer curriculum for high schools and have built relationships with dozens of these schools, nurturing students from all walks of life to become developers.

The response to the high school program is overwhelmingly positive.  Because of this success and immensely impactful offering, Mobile Makers has decided to focus 100% on answering the incredible demand and to continue to build and expand our iOS training programs specific to  education institutions.

With this focus in mind, we are phasing out the Mobile Makers immersive program. Our current San Francisco boot camp and our Chicago boot camp scheduled to begin in May, will be our last on-site offering for the foreseeable future.

During these past few months, we have been reflecting internally about our immersive program and have done some corporate soul-searching.  We asked ourselves: What are we trying to accomplish?  What is our mission?

Our mission has always been to help people learn the power of mobile development and to fill the market need for more developers. We have loved every minute of teaching our immersive, face-to-face bootcamps and getting to know every student who has walked through our doors. Yet, we believe this new direction offers the best opportunity to change the lives of young people as well as change the world in which we live.

It’s an incredible opportunity  we have ahead of us and with our new laser focus we believe we can have a profound impact on the education of thousands of students.