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July 18, 2016

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Today, we launched both the 2016 Northwestern University Equinox course and the July 2016 Teacher Bootcamp. 30 high school students from around the world descended upon the MMA space in Chicago to learn iOS development in three weeks. 20 high school teachers from around the nation meeting at the incubator 2112, all learning iOS development and computer science instructional strategies in two weeks. What a great time to be alive!

Tom Bredemeier, lead teacher of the Equinox course iOS course, rocks it out by being the best no-nonsense nurturer to facilitate these students through an entire year’s worth of curriculum in 3 weeks. Being a CS teacher himself at Barrington High School, he’s excited to teach this course again. He’s joined by Dan Morton – a former student of Bredemeier, who took the Mobile Makers iOS course at Barrington and who is subsequently a Computer Science student at Purdue – and Yasoob Rasheed – also a former student of Bredemeier, who took AP Computer Science and the Equinox course last year. “This class changed my life,” Rasheed admitted to the students, “now I’m doing a per Mathematics major because of this class.”

Leading the Teacher Bootcamp is Bob Brown, a CS teacher at Hersey High School in Illinois, who has taught the MMA iOS course for two years and taught the Teacher Bootcamp last year as well. We feel passionately about support teachers as professionals, which is why we are thrilled Bob, a highly respected CS teachers, continues to join us on these adventures. Supporting Bob Brown are two iOS developers: Ben Bueltmann and Nathan Hossleton. Both Ben and Nathan taught our final adult cohort, so they are both familiar with iOS development and the art/science of teaching. Bringing working developers into the Teacher Bootcamps is important to us, as it provides the teachers an opportunity to get direct insight into the field and work life of a software developer.

Bottom line: now is an exciting time at Mobile Makers. Our high school programs are well underway and off to a great start. We’re always looking to help more schools and more students, so reach out to us for more information.

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