End of Year 2017 ‘Build Your Own App’ WINNERS ANNOUNCED

August 3, 2017

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Across the country, MobileMakersEdu high school students ended their school year by building their own apps. We asked them to submit those apps to show us what they learned – using Xcode and the Swift coding language.  After some intense thought and a few hours of watching videos and running apps in Xcode, the MobileMakersEdu instructor judges are ready to announce the winners of the 2017 End of Year Mobile Makers High School Build Your Own App Contest. 

While there were many entries, only a few can win. We were especially impressed by the number of 9th graders who submitted their apps this year. You can review the prizes and contest rules here.  Congratulations to all of the winners and participants!

And the winners are…

FIRST PLACE – Two Pianos by Rachel Sacdalan at Elk Grove Village High School (IL)

SECOND PLACE – Memento by Sam Rosman and Jimmy McDermott at Prospect High School (IL)

THIRD PLACE – Grocery App  by Jeremiah Kwon at Prospect High School (IL)


  • Nim by Olgan Oleksyn at Prospect High School (IL)
  • Science Catalogue by Brandon Ratynski, John Wilson, Sara Batkowska, and John Labuda at Hersey High School (IL)
  • Organizer App by Annie Cimack at Prospect High School (IL)


  • Breakout by Celeste Lagman, Peter Jackowski, Vincent Ballarino, and Christian Castro
  • ReviewS by Brent Gurvis, Michael Maczynski, and Johnny Dattilo
  • GoalBreaker by Damian Charczuk, Cameron Saeed, Logan Boven, and Steven Custer
  • Air Hockey by Michal Juscinski, James Rodriguez, Olivia Marunde, and Colin Safford
  • Weights App by Aiden Busiel
  • Magmatics by Margaux Cummings
  • Crest 2018 by Marina Kron
  • JSON to Swift by Maximilian Podkopal
  • Dabarino by Zach Burke
  • Slydeball by Scott Pogatetz and Jeremy Potratz
  • House Watchers by Michael Hernandez, Stephen Pollard, and Alex Tkaczyk
  • Satsang Trivia by Yuvraj Agrawal