Each year-long course, MobileMakersEdu (iOS 1) and MobileMakersStudio (iOS 2), can be adopted together to enable a pathway, or one by one to fill gaps at your school.
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MobileMakersEdu (iOS 1) - Intro to Mobile App Development

9th or 10th grade – No prerequisite

The MobileMakersEdu first course teaches the basics of mobile app development, using basic programming skills and iOS frameworks. Students experience an authentic workplace environment, applying real-world industry tools and best practices.  Students create 10 working applications (apps) that grow in complexity throughout the year.

By the end of the course, student can:

  • Use the Swift programming language to build basic mobile apps.
  • Apply fundamental logical thinking and programming skills to program working iOS applications.
  • Implement common Apple frameworks and design patterns in developing iOS apps.
  • Use professional software development tools and project management strategies to develop, store and manage iOS apps.
  • Employ the necessary social-emotional skills necessary for career-ready software development and collaboration in a team.

Students leave the course with 10 working iOS apps.

MobileStudioEdu (iOS 2) - Advanced Mobile App Development

10th or 11th grade – Prerequisite: iOS 1

The second year program is designed to engage students in a comprehensive experience as a developer. The classroom is designed to operate as a working development studio. Students learn advanced Swift programming skills, design thinking skills, development team skills (e.g. Agile Development), and client relationship skills.

By the end of the course, students can:

  • Apply basic design thinking skills to develop a mobile app to solve a problem or fill a need.
  • Employ advanced programming skills and computer science competencies.
  • Self-learn and teach others advanced iOS frameworks and skills.
  • Manage basic client relationships, communications and teamwork.

Students leave the course at an intern level.