Why Us?

We’re passionate about coding as a real-world skill, and supporting high school teachers nationwide.


Our core team holds 25+ years’ experience in classroom teaching, curriculum and assessment design, instructional coaching, school leadership, and new program development.  We understand CS and CTE pathways, and the power of CS programs in changing students’ lives.  We can also provide consulting around grants and the ever-changing CTE legislative landscape.

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We work with experienced iOS developers to bring current, marketplace skills to your classroom. Our methods are agile, to align with the real-world, so we revisit our tools & training throughout the year, and our teachers work side by side with experienced developers.

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We empower students with coding skills that enable career and college-readiness. Accredited by Apple as an ‘Apple Professional Learning Provider’, we are entrusted to help teachers bring Swift to their students. We also received ‘Outstanding Business Partner Award from the Northwest Educational Council for School Success’… “in recognition of the company’s significant contribution in the Field of Career Exploration and Technology Education” (2015).

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What do educators think?

“Engaging with Mobile Makers has fundamentally changed who I am as teacher.”

Brian Gilbert, Computer Science Teacher — St. Rita High School
Chicago, IL

“I couldn’t be happier with how Mobile Makers has set up the program and I’ve informed my admin as well :). My students love it — I have 90 students enrolled! Thanks again!”

Amy Campbell, Teacher — Oak Lawn Community High School
Oak Lawn, IL

“App development has opened new opportunities for my students and myself. The problem solving skills they gained isn’t like anything I have witnessed in my ten years of teaching. No matter what their career path, the skills gained will benefit them in the future.”

Paul Hennig, Teacher — Prospect High School
Mount Prospect, IL

What do students think?

“This class has helped me gain important skills such as teamwork and problem solving.”

Student – Law Interest

“I took this class to get introduced to how programming works as a whole, and I have learned a lot.”

Student – Computer Science & Design Interest

“The class is a fun experience that can prepare you for many jobs in the real world.”

Student – Business Interest

“I walked in not knowing how to code whatsoever and now I can create small little apps, so there is a lot of progression and the overall experience is great.”

Student – Computer Science, Technology Interest

“This class was a lot of fun. I learned a lot and am interested in taking another computer science course.”

Student – Science, Business & Marketing Interest

“It was a lot of fun to learn about coding in Swift. I look at my iPhone differently now because I understand how some of the apps work on it.”

Student – Education Interest

“My teacher is the best teacher I’ve ever had.”

Student – Business, Marketing & Law Interest